Solomon Admissions Consulting Provides Students With a Clear Advantage

It would be difficult to argue that a high school student with an eye on a specific, very profitable career would do well to do everything possible to get into the right college and program. Many professionals will tell you that a degree from the right university and the right program can mean millions of dollars in additional earnings over the course of a person’s professional working life. However, getting through the admissions process can be very intimidating, which is why an increasing number of students are getting help from Solomon Admissions Consulting.

The reviews of Solomon Admissions Consulting tend to be excellent, which indicates they know what they’re doing. One parent of an MIT applicant, for example, said the Solomon consultant his son dealt with was “very professional, knowledgeable and completely accessible throughout the process.” He also noted the help his son received included getting him work on a computer science project. That project made a tremendous difference to the MIT admissions officers, which means Solomon’s assistance was critical to that student’s entrance into MIT.

Solomon Admissions Consulting Gets Results

For those who know exactly where they want to go with a career, the ability to get into the right college can be extremely important. In fact, an education from the right university can bring millions of dollars in additional earnings over the course of a person’s working life. That said, everyone knows this, so everyone is applying to certain schools, which makes getting into a top college, like Stanford or any Ivy League School, extremely difficult. It only becomes more difficult as time goes on and the colleges try to recruit the best students. They only have so much space for students and they see more applicants every year, which is why more students every year have turned to the professionals at Solomon Admissions Consulting to help them through this often intimidating process.

Face it; acceptance into the best colleges always comes down to marketing. Fortunately, based on most Solomon Admissions Consulting reviews, the consultants at Solomon Admissions Consulting, all of whom are former college admissions officers, realize that every student is an individual and they do their best to make sure that individuality is emphasized over all other individual applicants.

It is striking that Solomon Admissions Consulting reviews are overall positive and that students seem to love the experience of working with them. In addition, the Solomon website includes numerous admissions letters from students who used their services. This should not surprise anyone; according to a review from the parent of a student who was highly motivated to attend medical school and become a doctor, though he was just a freshman, his Solomon Admissions Consulting advisor directed him to “the combined 8-year direct admit BA/MD programs straight out of high school,” and then followed up with advice on recommendation letters and course selection. That is, after all, what Solomon Admissions Consulting is all about.

The Reviews of Solomon Admissions Consultants Say “Good Job”

All of the consultants at Solomon Admissions Consulting are former college admissions officers, which is why they are well aware of what it takes to make a college application package stand out from the thousands the best schools receive every year. They realize that every student is an individual and they do their best to make sure that individuality is emphasized over all other individual applicants. They know what each university is looking for from an applicant, which means they are able to help them craft every element in a way that matches what each college wants to see in its prospective students.

One aspect of the experience at Solomon Admissions Consulting that makes them unique is their ability to make sure every aspect of the application process is the best it can be. That includes making sure that student essays, teacher recommendation letters, activity sheets, addenda, and even interviews all support the positioning strategy that is best for the school to which the student is applying.

When one looks at Solomon Admissions Consulting reviews, they will find that a lot of them are extremely favorable. One example comes from one student from China who was wholly unfamiliar with the admissions process at colleges in the United States. He noted in his review that his advisor, “was very helpful in helping me understand and then draft the ‘brag sheet’ in order to demonstrate my extracurricular activities and hobbies.” He also was impressed that his consultant was a corporate lawyer and could, therefore, offer more specific career advice.